South of Solitude

  • Pessoal

Traveling solo is total freedom. You wake up in the morning and do whatever you like. It is something everyone should do at some point in life; you learn a lot about yourself doing so.

Traveling alone can show you that you are more capable than you sometimes give yourself credit for. You can figure things out; you can always find a way.

But at some point you feel the need to share those great moments with the people you care about the most. That’s when the line between solitude and loneliness begins to blur.

Life really is all about finding your balance.

This is a personal video, a compilation of scenes from a 5 week, 10,000 Km solo motorcycle trip through Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

It’s not a pretentious travel film by any means. It’s just a candid, personal reflection on the sights, sounds and feelings I’ve experienced along the way.

I hope it will inspire some of you.


Cameras: GoPro Hero 3+ and Sony HXR-NX70
Music: Hægt, kemur ljósið (Slowly, comes the light) by Olafur Arnalds
Sound Editor / Mixer: Sanjai Cardoso